Frequently Asked Question

1. What is

Our platform,, is dedicated to providing perpetual rights leasing services for domain names, with a core mission of supporting the next wave of startups in building outstanding brands.

Comparable to prime real estate, premium brandable domains can command values of millions of dollars, which is typically reflected in the associated contracts.

At, we have opted for a digital lease-only platform in order to safeguard the domain ecology of the internet. Nevertheless, you may contact the Domain Owner listed on Whois to explore the possibility of a sale.

Certainly. You have the freedom to terminate your contract at any point in time, without incurring any charges. However, please note that the payment period for which you cancel will not be subject to reimbursement. We recommend reviewing our refund policy for further information.

To update your name servers, you can either submit them during the application process or through your account. will manually update the dns setting and please allow for a time period of 24-72 hours for the update to take effect.

At, our model is intentionally crafted to ensure the long-term prosperity of your brand. Our perpetual rights leasing platform guarantees you exclusive access to the domain for an indefinite period, and the Domain Owner cannot terminate the agreement for their own convenience. However, it is crucial that you uphold your end of the agreement by making timely payments and refraining from infringing on any trademark associated with the domain.

If the Domain Owner sells the domain, the new owner will be obligated to adhere to the terms and conditions of your existing lease agreement. This guarantees that you will retain your exclusive rights to utilize the domain.

You have the option to transfer or assign the perpetual rights lease to the new owner of the business established on the domain. It’s worth noting that we have already facilitated several such assignments in the past.

The Compensation Payment serves as a guarantee to the Owner for the relinquishment of the domain name. This would only come into play if you engage in illicit practices, such as clear-cut trademark infringement. It is determined by multiplying 250 with the Original Monthly Fee, or the Monthly Fee currently in effect, whichever is greater.